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Prevent Common Air Conditioning Issues With Regular Maintenance

Prevent common Air Conditioning Issues with Regular Maintenance

Air conditioning (AC) systems will ultimately be affected by wear and tear which comes with age and regular use, just like any other home appliance or machinery. When these systems stop functioning, most of us are at a loss because we need them to assist us in keeping our homes comfortable.

Fortunately, you can take some preventive measures to reduce the most likely air conditioning problems and therefore allow you to enjoy the comfort of a proper-functioning unit.

Identifying and Solving Common Air Conditioning Issues

Here are common problems that most individuals face with their AC units and a basic HVAC Maintenance practices that you can follow:

1. Run Cycles are Too Long or Too Short

Uneven running cycles are among the most common issues reported in air conditioners. The inconsistencies are mostly brought about by debris or dirt caught in the indoor unit (evaporator) or the outdoor unit (condenser) that can cause multiple problems.

Solution: Clean the affected parts of the condenser and the evaporator regularly and thoroughly. Periodic cleaning does more than reducing the need for frequent repairs and increasing the life of the system; it also improves the system’s cooling capacity and operating efficiency.

2. Running AC Unit Does not Cool Appropriately

Since almost every area of the AC unit is mainly designed for cooling purposes, there can be various reasons causing this problem:

Debris, soot, and dirt prevent the airflow through the system, causing blockages and thus reducing its cooling capability.

Solution: Examine the filters occasionally and clean or replace them as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You may also set up a periodic maintenance and cleaning schedule with an experienced AC service provider that will advise you on the ideal frequency of cleaning.

3. Electric Controls Failure as a Result of Vulnerable Connections

Recurrent on-off cycles may wear out the compressor and fan controls in your unit, and the effect worsens if you have an oversized air conditioner in your home. Damaged electrical connections can also lead to more severe issues such as corrosion of terminals and electrical sparkling.

Solution: Get a specialist to check the electrical contacts and inspect whether the connections are secure when servicing the unit. Whenever you suspect an issue between the maintenance visits, inform a technician for an inspection.

4. Excessive Use of Energy as Result of Poor Operating Motors

When mechanical parts move, there is friction that increases exponentially with insufficient lubrication. Excess friction causes more heat and reduces the efficiency of the entire unit. The life of the air conditioner also decreases due to wear and tear.

Solution: You should lubricate the moving parts occasionally, as part of your periodic maintenance schedule. Additionally, do not vary the AC’s thermostat too much, because it reduces efficiency and increases wear.

The Final Word

Air conditioning systems can be costly to replace. Therefore, preventative maintenance,  guarantees a comfortable home for you and your loved ones for several years to come.

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