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HVAC Smart Technology

HVAC Smart Technology

Smart Technology for Your HVAC

Smart technology has taken over many aspects in our everyday life and provides quick and easy access to information and in some cases does all the work for us.  People are moving more and more to smart technology in their homes.

HVAC smart technologies are improving lives, making families more comfortable while cutting down daily expenses and making our environments more eco-friendly.

Smart Thermostats

Modern thermostats are simple, more efficient and do not require manual adjustments that waste a lot of effort, energy and time. They are able to handle all the necessary assignments for you. Some smart thermostats are WiFi enabled so that users are able to control them remotely using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The use of smart thermostats will allow you to control particular time schedules when cooling or heating your home to ensure efficiency. Most smart thermostats give clear information like maintenance reminders, weather forecasts and much more.

Thermal-Driven Air Conditioning

A thermal-driven unit is more efficient and gives a cost-friendly alternative compared to electrical-driven pieces of equipment. In addition, these systems use solar power that can be replaced by natural gas supply when there is little or no sunlight. Top companies are designing solar panels that can produce very high temperatures to operate more powerful chillers. This system is regarded as the most effective and it is known to provide a better cooling mechanism than electrical appliances.

On-Command Hot Water

This technology involves fitting an ‘on command’ water pump that is connected to cold and hot water pipes running to the bathroom or kitchen. When this system is activated, it enables cold water to get drained and flow back to the water heater along a cold water pipe. This ensures that hot water is available in real-time throughout the day at your home.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

A certain company in California has built a device (Ice Bear) that uses ice to cool buildings and limit the overall energy consumption. The device operates by freezing a lot of water during the night so that it can use it for cooling the building the following day. So far, the Ice Bear is able to cool the building for about six hours after the user has turned it off from the Ice Cooling mode.

The technology works together with the conventional unit so that when all the ice has melted, the process of cooling changes back to usual air conditioning.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Since 1940, geothermal HVAC systems have been in existence and on the market. The products have improved in popularity and are currently being used in order to support the ongoing environmental movement.

The device uses a mechanism that draws heat from the ground by looping metallic pipes into the earth. During the cold season, the gases and liquid inside these pipes are used to transfer heat into homes. The units are considered to be more efficient than the traditional ones.

Sensor-Enhanced Ventilation

This is a brand new section of an HVAC smart technology that every person can take advantage of. Ecovent is one product that contains the sensor-enhanced vents that can fully replace a building’s wall, an existing ceiling or the floor vents. A mobile application can easily control Ecovent giving a comfortable and more accurate temperature control from room-to-room.

Furthermore, this system uses sensors to detect a building’s air pressure, temperature and other environmental changes.


HVAC smart technology is providing a lot of benefits and features that are too overwhelming to ignore. From energy efficiency, heating, and cooling homes, to the common communication systems in building technologies, the use of HVAC technology guarantees pure comfort, your family’s safety and a complete protection of the environment.

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